Aceso Care Ecosystem

An interoperable, patient-centric platform that enables remote patient monitoring by aggregating health-related data from wearables and wireless medical devices.

How it works

Patients will now have a place to connect their wearables and wireless medical devices to gather their own medical data into one place in a smart and engaging way.  The health-related data are available in the physicians platform to make a remote assessment and monitor their patients in real-time.

For Patients

The main Aceso dashboard is created to be engaging.

Patients are able to create and share their own PatientCV, a smart summary with his personal and health information, to make the information exchange faster and safer when visiting a physician for the first time, even abroad.

A complete suite of telemedicine solutions (e-appointments and virtual visit) helps chronic patients to communicate with their treating doctors in order to receive remote care.

My Health provides a glimpse of the patients aggregated data from medical devices and smartphones. Collected data are structured in such way to provide health insights in a meaningful way.

For Physicians

Physicians now have a way to remotely monitor, manage and treat chronic patients.

Medical Alerts notify physicians when a patient has abnormal values in specific measurements based on their health condition and diagnosis.

My Patients is the place that the doctor can view a patient's physical status, the leatest health-related data and information like laboratory tests, remotely manage and treat the patient.

A complete telemedicine suite helps them manage their time and be more efficient, avoiding unnecessary in-person visits.

Healthcare needs Aceso, why?

Worldwide millions of 40-hour workweeks are lost each year waiting for in-person visits and transportation to a doctor's office.

Physicians suffer from exhaustion, burn-out due to an increasing number of chronic patients to monitor and meticulous data entry to electronic health records.

Healthcare should be patient-centric and patients should be  active participants in the management of their health.

Healthcare complexity leads to silos, fragmentation of data and disruption in interdisciplinary communication and action.

We make healthcare better, how?

Aceso can reduce wasted time in waiting rooms, provide access to those in remote areas, enable elderly, disabled or chronic patients with poor mobility, improve health outcomes with empowered patients, minimize hospital readmissions and reduce healthcare costs, enable cross border care and enhance interdisciplinary team action, while being as efficacious as the usual in-person office care  in a worldwide aging population.

Aceso provides a platform for Healthtech and Digital Health start-ups to cooperate and reach patients and physicians and find product market fit easier and faster.

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